Visitor Information

How do we get to the cable car? And can we walk?

A regular shuttle service runs from the cruise terminal to the city at a cost of approximately $10. The Cable Car is just a two minute walk from the Brandon Street shuttle stop.

You can walk from the cruise terminal - this takes about 25 minutes. For the first 10 minutes the walkway is between a busy road and the commercial port operations, however after this the route takes you along the picturesque waterfront to Queens Wharf. From Queens Wharf turn left and cross over Customhouse Quay and walk along Grey Street. The Cable Car is at the end of Grey Street on Lambton Quay.

Do you have to queue for the Cable Car?

When a cruise ship is in port all day, the Cable Car is particularly busy between 9:30am and midday, however the queues often look worse than they are. There are two cable cars and they can each accommodate up to 100 people. With cars running every seven minutes the queue moves quickly. When full, the terminal only accommodates two car loads and Cable Car Lane a further car load, so maximum wait times from the ticket booth are 15 minutes and 20 to 30 minutes from the end on Cable Car Lane at Lambton Quay.

Can I use my Snapper Card on the Cable Car?

The Wellington Cable Car has simplified the fare policy, relative to your concession and independent of your direction. If your journey begins or ends at the Lambton Quay terminus gates you will be able to pay with Snapper*. By paying with Snapper you will save more than 10% on the Wellington Cable Car compared to an uphill cash or EFTPOS fare.

Can I use a one day bus pass on the Cable Car?

The Cable Car is a stand alone transport operation and no bus tickets are accepted for travel. 

Do you have Senior Fares?

We do not have senior fares. We are part of the passenger transport reimbursement scheme under the New Zealand Governments SuperGold Card concession, however this is only applicable to NZ SuperGold card holders, there is currently no reciprocal arrangement with any other country.

If I only buy a one way ticket how do I get back to Lambton Quay?

It is an easy downhill walk through the Botanic Gardens following the pink path on the Botanic Garden Map, the pathway is easy to follow with pink flowers stenciled along the route. This route takes in the main highlights of the Botanic Garden and ends on Bowen Street adjacent to Parliament. From here it is a short walk back to the shuttle stop on Brandon Street.

Can I get to Zealandia from the Cable Car?

The Cable Car is the gateway to Zealandia, a free shuttle departs regularly from outside the Cable Car Museum to Zealandia.