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The Cable Car is situated at the end of the Cable Car Lane, off Lambton Quay in the heart of Wellington's central business district and provides a unique form of public transport from the city to the suburb of Kelburn and the top of the Botanic Garden.

The original Kelburn & Karori Tramway Company formed in 1898, was sold to the Wellington City Council in 1947 and was incorporated into the City’s passenger transport operations. In 1991 with the deregulation of the bus industry, the council sold its bus and trolleybus operations to the Stagecoach Group. The Cable Car and overhead trolley-bus wire network however, remained in Council ownership and Wellington Cable Car Limited was formed as a Council Controlled Organisation.
Wellington Cable Car Limited had two distinct business operations: 
  1. The operation and maintenance of the Cable Cars which since 2007 includes all the operational staffing.
  2. Traction Services - since the end of trolleybus operations in October 2017, traction services are managing the decommissioning of the overhead trolleybus network.
  • Overhead Network
  • TBop Cabinet
  • Cable Car at Kelburn
Overhead Network1 TBop Cabinet2 Cable Car at Kelburn3


Wellington Cable Car Limited (WCCL) is a council controlled organisation (CCO) owned by Wellington City Council (WCC). The company proudly owns, operates and maintains Wellington’s iconic Cable Car.
The Cable Car carries in excess of 1,000,000 passengers a year and runs every ten minutes between Lambton Quay and Kelburn, for the benefit of local residents and tourists alike.
The Trolley Bus traction system was used throughout the city and outer suburbs until October 2017.
There has been a long association between the operation and maintenance of the DC traction system and the electricity undertaking within Wellington. At one time, these were both part of the same Wellington City Council Department - Electricity and Tramways Department.

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