Tunnel Light Shows

The Tunnel Light Shows

As part of the 2014 New Zealand Festival Season, one of the Wellington Cable Car Tunnels sported thousands of lights to create pulses of lights, changing colours and dazzling effects to show people what was waiting for them in the botanical gardens. This was originally only going to be for 21 days from 21 February to 16 March. Due to high praise during this period a year later, the Cable Car purchased tunnel lights for two of its tunnels which are still dazzling people on a daily basis. You can read more about the installation and design here.

The Wellington Cable Car has collaborated with numerous charities and community organisations, providing them with a platform to amplify their messages and create awareness. We are enthusiastic about offering individuals, groups, and events an opportunity to showcase their unique talents and contributions to the community. 

The lights are directional so for best viewing/photographing the best angle is looking up the hill from either the top landings of the Cable Cars or from Clifton (middle tunnel) or Talavera Stations (Top Tunnel) depending on what tunnel the image is displayed in. 

Common Tunnel lights 

The Cable Car maintains displays for holidays of Anzac Day, Easter Halloween, St Patricks day, Christmas. 

  • Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness) 

  • Orange (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness, Rare Disease Day) 

  • Red (Little Heart Day) 

  • Purple (Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and World Prematurity Day) 

  • Rainbow (General use and Pride Week) 

  • Flags (Sports Events) 

  • Geometric patterns 


To submit a tunnel lights request, click here.

Lights 1
Easter lights
Cricket lights
Matariki lights