Tunnel Light Shows

The Tunnel Light Shows
Tunnel Light
Rainbow Tunnel

"AMAZING!", "WONDERFUL!", "BEAUTIFUL!!" are just some of the comments we hear people say about the light displays in the tunnels, as you travel from the City Centre to the Kelburn Terminal, and vice versa.

Developed and installed in 2015 by Angus Muir Design, passengers are transported through two 100 meter long tunnels, where you feel like you could be time travelling as LED lights surround and flash past you!

Each of the two tunnels have 60 arches of light strings, which are synchronised to a computer program.

The program allows us to choose different patterns and put on special displays for events, such as the Pride Rainbow, Matariki stars, NZ Flag, and a lot more.

The lights are a huge hit with kids, who gaze up at them in wonder, and squeal with excitement - with a lot of them requesting to go back through the tunnels again and again!  Definitely one for the memory banks!

Check out our YouTube channel, Facebook, or Instagram pages for videos and photos of the lights.

Please take care if you suffer from epilepsy or other neurological conditions as the tunnel light shows may incorporate flashing lights.

KRF Tunnel
Maori Week Tunnel
Cars passing Tunnel
Cable Tunnel