What To Do

Things To Do
Food & Drinks, Fashion & Fragrances

Unwind with a view at the Cable Top Eatery, located at the top of the Cable Car offering a range of local food and drinks, gelatos, pizzas, wine and NZ craft beers. 

Right next door is the fragrance emporium Fragrifert with its unique Victorian décor and perfume distillery.

While exploring Wellington's beautiful Botanic Gardens look out for the Picnic Café, located beside the Begonia house in the heart of Wellington's beautiful Botanic Garden a great place to refuel before continuing on your walk.

Enjoy a fun day out with family and friends. Explore the intermediate stations and find your favourite spot!

You can get off and get on at any intermediate stations, simply push the 'Stop' button on the cars or let our drivers know before cars leave the Lambton Quay or Kelburn Station. 

Kelburn Station

Enjoy a walk through the unique landscape of the Wellington Botanic Garden to New Zealand’s Parliament.

Discover New Zealand’s unique conservation history at Zealandia, just a free 5 minute shuttle ride from the top of the Cable Car.

Explore the Southern skies through Space Place interactive galleries and range of shows in their digital, full-dome planetarium. There is even an opportunity to adopt a star!

Learn about how the Cable Car was developed by stepping back in time at the Cable Car Museum. The museum is in the original winding house and is home to the original winding machinery and grip cars.

Salamanca Station


Kelburn Park, situated next to Salamanca Station, overlooks Wellington creating a unique setting for the community sports events that it plays host to.

The main attraction at Kelburn Park is the historic fountain, built in the 1940’s, which come alive each evening with a multi-coloured light show.

The Adam Art Gallery manages the Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection and showcases a highly-regarded programme of exhibitions and events. This is just a 10-minute walk from Salamanca Station.

Talavera Station



Make a stop at Talavera Station to watch from the over-bridge as two cars bypass each other. This is our favourite secret spot for photography lovers to capture some interesting shots of the Cable Car.

Clifton Station


The Clifton mural showcases the Cable Car history and the people that were involved in its development. The black and white section of the mural features the founders of the Cable Car; including James Fulton and Martin Kennedy. The middle section is the Relentless Red Rattler that were used from the 1950s to the late 1970s. The present-day Cable Car is painted at the end of the mural; see if you can spot any of our staff members. - Artwork by, Ellen

Lambton Quay Station

The new rainbow mural in the Lambton Quay Terminal is the work of local illustrator Gina Kiel. "This colourful rainbow landscape mural represents the Cable Car experience as a moving connective path through the continuum of time from history to current day and beyond," Kiel says.
This mural is part of a Wellington City Council-supported programme pakiTara-toi, to put more art on walls in the city.

From Lambton Quay Station you can head straight out onto Wellington’s ‘Golden Mile’.  The ‘Golden Mile’ offers the best shopping in Wellington’s CBD with all the stores you know and love as well as a variety of boutique and high fashion stores to choose from.

The Cable Car Attractions map
Cable Car Attractions Map

Light Shows in the Tunnels

Our locals have named this 'The time-travelling tunnels.'

Developed by interactive lighting designer Angus Muir, passengers that ride through the two 100 metre long tunnels will be surrounded by bursts of LED lights that flash on and off to create some stunning patterns and imagery. The new lights can be programmed with set routines to feature specific content for special events.

Check out our YouTube channel and Facebook for video and photos of the lights.