Accessibility Guide


At Wellington Cable Car, we’re dedicated to accessibility. We're regularly upgrading and improving our facilities to ensure everyone can enjoy the North Island of New Zealand’s only funicular railway. We seek guidance from accessibility experts, and always value feedback and recommendations from our passengers. Here’s some important information to help you plan your journey.



By Car
The Lambton Quay Terminal is located at 280 Lambton Quay, at the end of Cable Car Lane. Parking nearby is limited, but you can view parking options in the area here.
The Kelburn Terminal is located at 1 Upland Road, Kelburn, and is next to the Cable Car Museum. It has Wilson Parking spaces available, 35 metres from the terminal.

By Public Transport (Metlink)
There are bus stops on Lambton Quay near the terminal, served by most services going to or from the Wellington Station Bus Interchange. Train services from the Greater Wellington region terminate at this interchange.
Find Metlink bus and train routes and accessibility information here.

Cable Car Lane entrance at 280 Lambton Quay
Cable Car Lane entrance
Lambton Quay Terminal Ticket Office
Lambton Quay Terminal Ticket Office
Front of Kelburn Terminal
Front of Kelburn Terminal


Both Lambton Quay (city centre) and Kelburn (top) are fully accessible for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams, and baby buggies. Due to limited parking at Lambton Quay, you may want to start up at Kelburn, which has Wilson Parking 35 metres from the terminal. There’s limited parking for disabled drivers by the Kelburn terminal – please ensure that your disabled parking permit is visible.

Intermediate Stations (request stops) 
Clifton, Talavera and Salamanca stations have access by ramps from nearby streets and pathways.
Clifton station is approximately 90 metres from The Terrace.

To avoid the steep footbridge ramp over the track at Talavera, we recommend travelling on Car 2. The car’s number is shown on the front and back of the car, above the bumpers.

Clifton Station and sloped pathway
Clifton Station and sloped pathway
Talavera Station and footbridge
Talavera Station & footbridge
Salamanca Station and ramp
Salamanca Station & ramp


You can buy tickets at our Lambton Quay Terminal Ticket Office using Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and Alipay), and Amex.

To avoid standing in a queue, you can buy tickets online before arrival. It’s fast, convenient and allows you to access the terminal directly using the QR code on the tickets you’ll receive via email. Unfortunately is no access to free WiFi in Lambton Quay Terminal, so we recommend downloading the ticket/s from the email, before your arrival.

If you’re not travelling through Lambton Quay, please pay the driver (cash only), or show your pre-purchased tickets. 



Entrance and Exit:
The electronic gates are activated by scanning the QR code on your ticket. Gates are 90 cm wide, to accommodate most wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and prams.   

If you need help scanning your ticket or accessing the gates, ask our friendly staff.

Available at Lambton Quay and Kelburn Terminals. If you can’t stand on busy days, ask staff for assistance. There’s no seating at Clifton, Talavera and Salamanca stations, however the cable cars run at least every 10 minutes, so wait times are not long.

Lambton Quay Terminal Gates
Lambton Quay Terminal Gates
Seating at Lambton Quay Terminal
Seating at Lambton Quay Terminal
LQ Terminal Mobility Access
LQ Terminal Mobility Access


Wheelchairs, Mobility Devices & Prams:

  • Board through upper doors to avoid steps at intermediate stations.
  • Can be rolled on and off the cars, and can remain uncollapsed in the entrance landings.
  • You can stay seated in or on your mobility device, and leave children in prams, but please ensure the wheels are locked during travel.


  • There are steps inside the cars to reach the seats, but the most accessible seating is next to the flat landings by the doors. 



All dogs, including guide and service dogs, are welcome free of charge. The guide and service dogs are not required to stay in designated areas of the cars, and can stay with their owner, regardless of where they choose to sit.



There are no toilets at any of the stations. Accessible public toilets are available:

  • Near Lambton Quay Terminal, across the Lambton Quay pedestrian crossing, on Grey Street near the bike racks.
  • Outside the Kelburn Terminal, on the left-hand side, just past the bike stands.
LQ Terminal TGSIs and landing
LQ Terminal TGSIs and landing
Car landing & first seats
Car landing & first seats
Kelburn Toilets just past bike stands
Kelburn Toilets just past bike stands


If you have any accessibility difficulties, please ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff for assistance. 

Hearing Impairments:

  • Ticket prices and information are available on our website and on information boards at Lambton Quay Ticket Box. Buy tickets online here.

Visual Impairments:

  • Cars depart both terminals on the hour and then every 10 minutes, more often during busy times. A warning bell rings about one minute before cars leave the terminals, and as they approach and leave intermediate stations. If you’re wanting to stop at one of these stations, please tell our Ticket Box and the driver, or if possible, press the red stop request button located on the post by either of the car’s two landings. 
  • Lambton and Kelburn terminals have Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs), but haven’t yet been installed at the Clifton, Talavera and Salamanca stations. We advise visually impaired passengers to avoid these stations if travelling alone and without assistance. 



If you have sensory sensitivities, please note:


  • During busy times, the car bells and passengers may create noise that is uncomfortable for some people. If you’re sensitive to loud and sudden noise, we suggest you avoid the front and back of the cars (by the driver’s cab) as this is where the car's bell sounds loudest. 

Visual Stimuli:

  • Flashing light displays are present in two tunnels, but no lights in the tunnel connected to Lambton Quay Terminal. Consider using sunglasses or other eye protection if sensitive.
  • The track is not illuminated at night apart from tunnel light displays and station lights. Cars remain well-lit except when passing through tunnels with light displays.



If you’re travelling with a carer or support person, they may be eligible to travel with you for free with relevant identification. Please contact us by email ( or by phone (+64 4 471 2199) to arrange the complimentary companion/support person ticket.



The Cable Car can be crowded during peak times, usually during:

Google Maps shows real-time crowd information at the Cable Car under the ‘Popular Times’ section. See our map profile here.



To make the most of your ride, we recommend spending some time at Paekākā (bird perch), located at the 'Top of the Cable Car.' While you're there, be sure to visit some of the great attractions, including:

Connection to Zealandia:
Zealandia provides a free shuttle van to and from the Kelburn Terminal. The van is accessibility friendly but doesn’t have a chair lift so is limited to those who can walk short distances away from their mobility scooter or chair. Learn more about Zealandia's accessibility.



In the rare event of an earthquake or power outage, the cars may stop when not at a station. Our staff are trained in car evacuation procedures, with emphasis on helping passengers with disabilities and impairments.



Get in touch with us – for any feedback or to answer questions you may have please email us (