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There is simply no better way to experience the hidden charm that Wellington has to offer than to take this 5-minute ride from the heart of city center, up through the hillside terraced houses of Kelburn to the lookout perched high above the city.

Enjoy easy access to the Botanic Garden, Cable Car Museum, Space Place (at Carter Observatory) and Zealandia (via free shuttle).


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Monday to Friday                                          7:30am-8:00pm

Saturday                                                              8:30am-8:00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays                         8:30am-7:00pm

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Mid-Autumn Festival
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Gripman's Lunch
Gripman's Lunch
Things to do at each station
Kelburn Station
Talavera Station
Lambton Quay Station


Disembark the Cable Car at Kelburn Terminal for easy access to nearby attractions at the Cable Car summit. Enjoy the panoramic views of Wellington city and harbour, grab a bite to eat and continue discovering. 

Enjoy the cozy playground with the kids and watch the iconic Cable Car go backwards and forwards. Visit the spectacular Kelburn Park Fountain that was built in the 1940's. Take a short walk from the Salamanca Station to Victoria University to visit the Adam Art Gallery.


Find your favourite spot on the over-bridge and watch both Cable Cars bypass each other on the passing loop.

Catch a glimpse of the past and present with a stop at Clifton Station to view the Cable Car Transition Mural.

Situated in the heart of Wellington CBD. Lambton Quay Station provides easy access to Wellington’s main shopping precinct.

Take in the Rainbow Mural by Gina Kiel while you wait for the Cable Car. The Cable Car Ticket Office is located at the end of the Cable Car Lane.


Exterior view of Kelburn Terminal
Family at Botanic Garden
Cable Top Eatery
Couple at Botanic Gardens
Family at Cable Car Museum